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Tian Fu profile
  Tian Fu machinery is established by Chau Neng Chen which has been in business for over fifty years since 1958. The initial Tian Fu Machinery has made sewing machine accessories for several years and we have chance to learn and manufacture gear related to sewing machine. We continually and manufactured from spur gear, helical gear, worm gear, gear to spindle design, so we have rich experiences about manufacture gear. Since 1995, we enhanced CNC lathes continually, and we changed direction to manufacture variety of products. We worked hard to this aspect to stride forward. As in this same year, we also manufactured agriculture machinery accessories and brush cutter gearbox attachments. Since 2000, our company has 2D and 3D produce technology, and we also strived to investigate how to design some products. Now Tian Fu profession produces parts for brush cutter and garden tools. Tian Fu machinery believes in us have ability to make perfect brush cutter parts for clients, because we have multi equipment’s and a wide range of technology. We currently export our products to 20 countries in the world. In the beginning, we have sold the brush cutter gearboxes to Thailand, Malaysia in 2000, but we still active promote products to new markets such as North America and Europe. In 2004, we start sold gearboxes to Italy, French, UK, Turkey, Russia etc.

Tianfu Quality polcy
Tian Fu machinery co., ltd. Quality Policy is committed to excellent customer experience, innovative product development, continuously improved production process and the delivery of the quality machine component products.
Our customers are our best product designers. With accumulated customer feedback, Tian fu machinery always design and manufacture the right item from user’s perspective. In the product development, the only thing we care about is how our customers can benefit from the new work quality machine component, - low cost, innovative design or excellent function.
We provide comprehensive in house and external quality service to specific quality requirements are determined for each project and communicated throughout the organization. Where required, documentation provided upon completion of projects includes Material Certificates, Heat Treatment Certificates, Gear Testing Documentation, QC Reports.

Business philosophy: "Customer Satisfaction Quality Perfect".
In terms of processing quality, the company continuously improves technology innovation, enhances machining accuracy, increases production efficiency, and reduces production costs, providing customers with better services to meet future high-precision machining needs.
Business Policy: In accordance with customer requirements for parts processing and development, provide customers with precise and stable quality, so that product quality can meet customer requirements.
Enhance employees' superior technology to improve processing precision.
Quality Policy: "Customer Satisfaction Quality Perfect".
Quality Objectives: Announcement of all quality objectives after they have been formulated.

添富機械有限公司 質量方針致力於卓越的客戶體驗,創新的產品開發,不斷改進的生產流程以及優質機器組件產品的交付。
我們的客戶是我們最好的產品設計師 隨著客戶反饋的積累,天富機械始終從用戶的角度設計和製造正確的產品。 在產品開發中,我們唯一關心的是我們的客戶如何從新的工作質量機器組件中受益- 低成本,創新設計或卓越功能。
我們提供全面的內部和外部質量服務,以確定每個項目的特定質量要求並在整個組織內進行溝通。 必要時,項目完成後提供的文件包括材料證書,熱處理證書,齒輪測試文件,質量控制報告。

經營理念:『客戶滿意 品質完美』。
品質政策:『客戶滿意 品質完美』。

Tianfu Core value
Quality, innovation, service
Adhere to technology for many years, constantly changing and updating
Innovative R&D quality and perfect service

A commitment to providing users the tool, gear , machine part to enrich their fix experience. And satisfy customer’s demand at the retail level for creative and value add products.


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