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NAME: Hook
Product Description:
1.When you doing cutting grass, you need to use a belt to hang it on the shoulder. It  is Plastic material, not brittle.
2.Can be used with different aluminum tube size easy to use for both hand.
3.Make your operation more comfortable and safe, good to use any side of hand.
4.Simple screw installation and easy.
5.In line with the current operation button design for brush cutter operation
6.Packaging 100 pc, 50 pc, 20 pc
7.Delivery time 10 to 15 days

When you do cutting grass control the gas and oil when you want add more or stop the cutting good control handle will important. Tianfu brush cutter handle is made plastic material and aluminumso there will be no corrosion rust problem, the operation installs in the brush cutter pip or trimmer work perfect for shoulder type or back pack type brush cutter. Handle is good for both hand operation. Let you swing in the operation of the arc while cutting grass more comfortable and safe.
With two hands grasped operation, one hand for catch the security and control and other just for power control. when you are in operation you can quickly complete the work in handsome movement. With right control stich can add oil or stop at any time you can.
It is very important to master the mowing in the mowing work. Simply install the 4 screws to lock and no any electronics system. Easily complete the operation of your mower handle. A good touch of a good mowing for the environment and bring a better green environment.

用雙手操作時,一隻手可安全的控制,另一隻手控制電源。 當您在操作時,可以快速完成割草
割草工作時的組裝非常重要。 只需安裝4個螺釘即可鎖緊,無需任何電子系統。 輕鬆完成割草機手柄的組裝。 良好的修剪可帶來更好的綠色環境。

Step1. Open the package, there are control hook make sure your aluminum pip size before start to do installing
Step2 handle holder against the aluminum tube to adjust the appropriate distance, locked up
Step3 Try to see the correct operation before starting, if necessary, then loosen the screw to adjust the distance.

步驟1. 打開包裝,有該零件,確保你的鋁管尺寸並開始做組裝
步驟2. 把手支架對著鋁管調整適當的距離,鎖上
步驟3. 如果需要,嘗試在啟動前查看正確的組裝,然後鬆開螺絲以調整距離。

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