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 MR26,MR28 Cutter holder lower
NAME: MR26,MR28 Cutter holder lower
Product Description:
  • Main Features:
    This product is matched with gear box to tight blade or nylon blade (nylon rope). Since it is rotating, whether match with blade or nylon blade (nylon rope), it can be efficiently operate when it was used for mowing the lawn.
  • The Material and Finish:
    The metal material all with heat treatment procedure to ensure the durability and stability, then blade can be locked tightly. With Trivalent Chromium electroplated to silver color finish.
  • How to use:
    Each style of blade holder has the diversity of choice, it can be matched with the drive shaft of lawn mower for operation and feel easily.
  • The spare parts:
    To match between upper and low blade holder
  • 主要特點:
    本產品與齒輪箱配合使用,可用於密封刀片或尼龍刀片(尼龍繩)。 由於它是旋轉的,無論是與刀片還是尼龍刀片(尼龍繩)相匹配,它在用於割草時都可以高效操作。
  • 材料和表面處理:
    金屬材料全部經過熱處理加工以確保耐用性和穩定性,然後刀片可以緊密鎖定。 用三價鉻電鍍成銀色。
  • 如何使用:
  • 備件:

  • Application:
    This product is matched with gear box and operated with brush cutter .
  • Material:
    This product is made by metal material which all with heat treatment procedure to ensure the stability, durability and extend the life cycle.
  • Made in Taiwan.
  • Appearance & Design Concept:
    It was designed to silver color appearance for easy looking among green environment. It can be seen through the sun's reflection. To keep a safe distance between user and the lawn mower.
  • 應用:
    本產品與齒輪箱搭配使用,並裝在割草機。 .
  • 材料:
  • 台灣製造.
  • 外觀與設計理念

  • Working Environment:
    It can be operated with different pattern lawn mower and worked in ragged grass Land efficiency.
  • Advantage:
    The spare parts replacement is very easy. Remember to make sure the pattern Number before purchasing.
  • Maintenance:
    To clean it after using, and keep it clean that can extend the life cycle. As far as possible to avoid collision with stone or other hard subject after finish Work that can enhance the working efficiency.
  • 工作環境:
  • 優點:
  • 保養:

  • The Spare Parts Replacement:
    This products is matched with Lower Blade Holder, Screw, Protector and Support disk. To make replacement easily.
  • Warranty period:
    If it's not artificial damage or improper operation, you can contact with our company, and send it back to us by freight prepaid.
    After inspecting by our QC people and find the goods was defect, our company will provide free replacement.
  • Where To Buy:
    The company except for official website, we also provide Internet trading platform such as Alibaba, eBay ...etc for easy purchasing.
  • Dispatching Way:
    Dispatching way can according to your choice, you can contact with us if you have any question.
  • 零件更換:
  • 保修期:
  • 去哪買:
  • 運輸方式:
Make sure the gear box size (mostly 24.26.28 mm etc...).
確保齒輪箱尺寸(大多數為24.26.28 mm等......)
To confirm the number of teeth on the cutter spindle.
Install the Lower Blade Holder first.
Install the blade or choose nylon rope, then lock with screw tightly.
Finally, lock all screws then try to turning, make sure the turning is normally, then operate lawn mower accordingly.
1. Can I ask the products to get my company's logo and design?
A: Yes, Tian Fu Machinery would do this for my client asked.
2. I have a new working head or gear box that I own and I can't find the one on Tian Fu Machinery's product list Would Tian Fu make the product what I need?
A: Yeah, If the client offer a available sample and tell me the products detail of the items you are looking for. Tian Fu Machinery would make the product for my client expected. But the client have to mini order amount around USD5,000.
3. Is the sample for free?
A: No you will have to pay for sample, one you make more than 20 units we will give back you sample payment.
4. How does Tian Fu Machinery offer the competitive and good products for my client?
A: We use all of materials come from Taiwan Steel corproation the runs by Taiwanese government so the material pass SGS certificate. We also prove it to my client if they needed. Therefore quality of material is quality and quantity assured that's why Tian Fu Machinery offer the competitive and good products.
5. What is minimum quality do I can order?
A: Just one order we will send it out any way, but the shipping will pay by customer.
6.When does a client get goods?
A: 5,000pcs go around 30-40 working days after we get prepayment. simple order to 200pcs go around 7-10 working days after we get prepayment.
7.For cantact faster
A: Because of time difference and if you want to contact with us faster.
Please use We Chat App ( ID: pingc052 ) or alibaba trade manager. We will reply to you as soon as we see it.
8. Do you accept online payment?
A: Yes, we also accept PayPal for small order.
1. 我可以要求產品以該公司的標誌和設計嗎?
A: 是的,添富機械會為客戶解決這個問題
2. 我有一個新的機頭或齒輪箱,我找不到添富機械產品清單上的任何一個型號,添富會生產我所需要的產品嗎?
A: 是的,如果客戶提供了一個可用的樣品並告訴我你要找的產品的細節。添富機械將為客戶提供產品。但是客戶必須在5000美元左右的最小訂購量。
A: 不需要支付樣品費用,如果超過20個單位,我們將退還樣品費用。
4. 添富機械如何為客戶提供具有競爭力的優質產品?
A: 我們使用來自台灣鋼鐵公司的所有材料由台灣政府運作,所以材料通過SGS證書。如果他們需要,我們也會向您的客戶證明。因此,材料的品質是保證品質和數量,這就是為什麼添富機械可提供具有競爭力和優質的產品。
5. 訂單可以接受最低的多少的數量
A: 我們只需一份訂單就可以發出,但運費將由客戶支付.
A: 在我們收到預付款後的30-40個工作日內會寄出5,000pcs。如果是少量訂單我們收到預付款後7-10個工作日,會寄出200pcs。
A: 因為時差,如果你想更快地與我們聯繫,請使用We Chat App ( ID: pingc052 )或阿裡巴巴的貿易經理。我們會盡快回復您。
8. 你接受網上支付嗎?
A: 是的,我們也接受PayPal的小訂單。

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